Brand Loyalty

When I think of relationship marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is brand loyalty. When I think of brand loyalty, I think of Apple. For example, Apple recently launched its iPhone 7. These phones represent technological advancement. The company with its Apple events inspires people to want to be on the cutting edge of technology. People wait hours for the launch of these new phones.

Apple also represents consistency for their customers. For example, Apple phone users are fairly confident that a new iPhone design will be available every two years with an upgrade in the middle. This is consistency for Apple customers. Almost like clockwork.  In line with consistency, Apple has been known by their customer-base to have high quality products. The effort they place in creating their products is world renown and highly secretive. The secrecy inspires consumers to try to find information about the phones before launch, while also giving a consistent belief that the phones are of high quality.

Finally, to continue to inspire and remain consistent, it is imperative that a company keeps contact with its consumer base. This includes not only knowing the market, but also how the product fits into consumers’ lives. Know who your consumers are. Know what their lives are like. Are they soccer moms? Perhaps, they are single women and men? Make them feel as if your product will always be a part of their life no matter the stage they are in.  Finally, in line with keeping contact with customers, it is important to show appreciation to the customer base. Tell them often how much you appreciate their business. For example, have a discount annually that is marketed as appreciation for customers.





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