Push & Pull Marketing

With push marketing, as the name states, it when a marketer is trying to push a product or service on to a customer. For me this conjures up the door-to-door Mary Kay makeup sales women. Their goal is to tell women why they need this make-up. The come to the customer, literally. Not only are they attempting to sell a product, but they are also trying to push the consumer to become a sales person too. In essence, the push is to not only become a consumer, but also become seller.

Conversely, pull marketing, is when the consumer is drawn to product. There are many companies and products that fall into this area. For example, Aston Martin, Cristal Champagne and Lamborghini fall into these areas. Everyone knows that these brands present a level of wealth, class and sophistication. None of these brands have the need for advertising. Consumers seek them out. The marketing for these products usually does not extend beyond a product placement in a movie or television show. However, the companies do not have to solicit these placements. Rather, the producers of movies and television shows are the ones who seek to include these products. The same can be said of singers and rap artists who mentions products in their lyrics. Consumers are drawn to the quality of the product and its reputation drives itself. A key aspect of pull marketing is that the consumer or want-to-be consumer is often the greatest marketer.






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