Generating Traffic

This week I am discussing how I would go about generating traffic to this blog. After all, what is the purpose of having a blog containing pertinent and timely information if no one knows that it is there? This is like the proverbial tree falling in the forrest. So I have examined ways that I could generate traffic to this blog.

Since this blog is about marketing in a healthcare community, I need to make certain the blog is search engine friendly. I need to make sure that individuals looking for information on healthcare marketing find this blog. Do that, I must make sure that I have key search terms both as tags and within the blog.

Another important way to drive traffic to this blog would include utilizing social media to drive interested parties to this blog. For example, LinkedIN would be a great source to accomplish this goal. By utilizing LinkedIN, I would be in an exclusively professional online social community where individuals would be looking for specific skills.




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