Social Media Content: Deals & Discounts

Social Media content can utilize many tactics to drive sales. Two ways to accomplish this is through deals and discounts. These methods can also be tied to consumer contests that can raise awareness of a product or company.

An example of this kind of social media content strategy is Magic Nails, a chain of nail salons in the suburbs of Chicago. Founded in 2005, Magic Nails offers extensive choice of spa-like services, including manicures, pedicures, nail enhancements and waxing. The staff is well-trained and the clientele tends to be high income. They have some of the most high quality equipment. Magic Nails began with one location in Countryside and now has locations four other neighboring suburbs, including Oak Brook, Burr Ridge and two locations in Willowbrook. The company has had several Instagram contests for customers to highlight some of their most creative nail designs. In this way, consumers and their own creativity becomes a part of the marketing campaign. The winner was given a free manicure.

The second social media content would be to have discounts announced through both Facebook and Twitter. First consumers would receive $5.00 off of a service by liking/following Magic Nails on their respective Facebook and Twitter accounts. With this information, Magic Nails could reach out to the “friends” of the company. Discounts and sales could be announced. The slowest days for Magic Nails are Monday through Thursday. Women tend to want to get their nails done on Friday though Sunday for weekend events. With this in mind, Magic Nails could have various specials during their slow days. This would include 10% off of manicures and pedicures or $35.00 manicure/pedicure combinations during these days. The specials would be announced via Facebook and Twitter.

In conclusion, Instagram contests could be utilized to both promote the business and provide discounts. Social media accounts could be utilized to create weekly specials.


Brand Loyalty

When I think of relationship marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is brand loyalty. When I think of brand loyalty, I think of Apple. For example, Apple recently launched its iPhone 7. These phones represent technological advancement. The company with its Apple events inspires people to want to be on the cutting edge of technology. People wait hours for the launch of these new phones.

Apple also represents consistency for their customers. For example, Apple phone users are fairly confident that a new iPhone design will be available every two years with an upgrade in the middle. This is consistency for Apple customers. Almost like clockwork.  In line with consistency, Apple has been known by their customer-base to have high quality products. The effort they place in creating their products is world renown and highly secretive. The secrecy inspires consumers to try to find information about the phones before launch, while also giving a consistent belief that the phones are of high quality.

Finally, to continue to inspire and remain consistent, it is imperative that a company keeps contact with its consumer base. This includes not only knowing the market, but also how the product fits into consumers’ lives. Know who your consumers are. Know what their lives are like. Are they soccer moms? Perhaps, they are single women and men? Make them feel as if your product will always be a part of their life no matter the stage they are in.  Finally, in line with keeping contact with customers, it is important to show appreciation to the customer base. Tell them often how much you appreciate their business. For example, have a discount annually that is marketed as appreciation for customers.




Search Engine Effectiveness

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your Website, is to improve the search engine effectiveness or search engine optimization. The purpose and goals of the Website must be kept in mind with regards to search engine effectiveness. Driving sales for a product/service or dissemination of information are all attainable goals for a Website. However, to achieve this, it is important to give your Website the highest ranking in search engines. There are several tips to accomplish this.

Customer referrals and walk-in traffic can be key measures of search engine effectiveness. However, because it is likely a company has several marketing strategies, it is important to determine if a Website resulted in direct sales or traffic. The easiest way this can be accomplished is by asking consumers how they heard about your product or service through a survey. In fact, you can directly ask consumers what search terms they used to find your company’s Website.

Search terms are a key way to get higher ranking without increasing bids. Search terms should be key words in the Website content, which must be strong. A company should also work on ad relevance and include key words in meta tags of the Website. Doing this will drive more traffic to a Website.



Push & Pull Marketing

With push marketing, as the name states, it when a marketer is trying to push a product or service on to a customer. For me this conjures up the door-to-door Mary Kay makeup sales women. Their goal is to tell women why they need this make-up. The come to the customer, literally. Not only are they attempting to sell a product, but they are also trying to push the consumer to become a sales person too. In essence, the push is to not only become a consumer, but also become seller.

Conversely, pull marketing, is when the consumer is drawn to product. There are many companies and products that fall into this area. For example, Aston Martin, Cristal Champagne and Lamborghini fall into these areas. Everyone knows that these brands present a level of wealth, class and sophistication. None of these brands have the need for advertising. Consumers seek them out. The marketing for these products usually does not extend beyond a product placement in a movie or television show. However, the companies do not have to solicit these placements. Rather, the producers of movies and television shows are the ones who seek to include these products. The same can be said of singers and rap artists who mentions products in their lyrics. Consumers are drawn to the quality of the product and its reputation drives itself. A key aspect of pull marketing is that the consumer or want-to-be consumer is often the greatest marketer.